By entering the Plimmerton FunRun 2019 you have READ and ACCEPTED the event waiver below.

Entry Rules / Conditions

  • Each entrant must complete an entry form (electronic or hard copy) in full.

  • Participants must comply with the instructions of the Police, Fire Service or other identified Event Officials.



  • All participants must attend the safety briefing 10 minutes prior to the start of the event at the start line.

  • Vehicles may be on the course. Ensure that you comply with the instructions from Police, Fire Service or other Event Officials.

  • Be responsible for your own safety and be aware of the risks of participating on a public road.

  • Pets, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and bicycles are NOT permitted on the course due to the risk of injury to participants.

  • Your chest sticker must be worn and be visible at all times with the your emergency contact details so that we can identify you. This also allows you to be eligible for prizes.

  • Prepare for the event - you should not enter unless you reasonably believe you are fit enough to complete this event safely.

  • The Half Marathon event has no age restrictions but it is strongly recommended that only those aged 16 and over enter.

  • The event may be delayed or cancelled in the case of dangerous weather conditions. Stay tuned to this site, and our Facebook page for updates during the week of the event.

  • Any participant whose conduct is inappropriate or unsafe may be disqualified and asked to leave the event.



I agree that the Plimmerton FunRun,  its directors, officers, employees, contractors, race directors and other officials, marshals, volunteers, sponsors, suppliers or agents is (are) not liable for any act or omission in relation to the event which causes injury to me or damage to my property.

I will meet/pay for any liability, claims, losses or expenses incurred by Plimmerton FunRun and caused by me in relation to the event.



Images and Privacy

Photos and images - I agree to being photographed, filmed, videoed or to have my image recorded in any way in connection with the event. I agree to Plimmerton FunRun,, sponsors, employees, authorised contractors and agents associated with the event, using any such imagery in connection with the promotion and reporting of this event. I understand I am entitled to request access to such images and to have copies of them at my cost.

Privacy - In completing the entry form, I am providing Plimmerton FunRun with personal information.  I understand this information will be collected and held by Plimmerton FunRun and disclosed to and used by its official charity partner, sponsors, employees, authorised contractors and agents associated with the event for the purposes of managing my entry in the event, disclosing relevant information to medical and related personnel in the event that I receive medical treatment during the event, promoting Plimmerton FunRun and its events (including publishing results in the media, Plimmerton FunRun website, mail-out or other communication relating to the event). My details may be provided to the Principle Sponsor for the purposes of surveying you about the event or providing you with information about products, services or offers.

I consent for the above purposes to the use and disclosure of my personal information under the Privacy Act 1993.

I have the right of access to such information, and to correct it by applying in writing to Plimmerton FunRun at the address noted at